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When you partner with Kathleen McEntee & Associates, Ltd. (KMA), you are not just hiring a marketing firm but gaining experienced collaborators and valuable partners. Our expertise and resources extend far beyond basic marketing needs—we integrate into your team, aligning our strategies with your objectives to ensure every marketing effort enhances your customer experience.

Listen as Kathleen McEntee shares her vision and passion for transforming client marketing strategies into spectacular successes.

Kathleen McEntee and Associates, Ltd. (KMA) is a full-service marketing firm that
manages and executes marketing communications across the entire customer
experience. After all, it's the customer who ultimately matters.

Our Services

At KMA, we ensure brand consistency across every medium—from branding and logo development, digital and print materials to strategic social media efforts. Our team specializes in crafting comprehensive marketing strategies that resonate across all forms of communication, ensuring the message is always clear and powerful.


Your Message, Tailored for Impact

We view marketing through the customer lens, ensuring every aspect of the brand message is precisely tailored to enhance the customer experience. We meticulously align the message with the brand image and select tactics that effectively reach the intended audience.

In essence, we empower organizations to articulate clearly Who They Are, What They Do, How They Do It, and most importantly, What Distinguishes Them from the Competition. Focusing on these core elements is what we excel at, making a brand not just seen but truly recognized and understood.

Your Partners in Growth

Choosing KMA means partnering with not just a marketing firm, but with experienced collaborators and invaluable allies. Our team brings a wealth of expertise and resources that transcend typical marketing and business development efforts. With a rich history in diverse environments—from corporate to entrepreneurial—our associates are seasoned specialists. They ensure that the marketing message is consistently communicated across all platforms, leveraging our broad experience to provide a tailored approach to each client's unique marketing needs. Together, we work to elevate the brand and drive the business forward.

Our Clients

We support clients throughout the United States and have worked with organizations in Europe and Asia. We work with business-to-business and business-to-consumer models and have experience with non-profits and government agencies. From health care and professional services to retail and franchise support, we support national, regional and local businesses.


  • American Advertising Federation (AAF) Addy
  • Distinguished Alumnae – Western Illinois University, College of Business
  • Kathleen McEntee was awarded Fellow status for the Institute for Independent Business

Invest in your customer experience and your future.

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